Brett Schreckengost

I am a filmmaker and photographer home based in Southewest Colorado in a small alpine community at 9600′ in elevation. I started out pretty “old-school” learning the craft of photography in the darkroom for many years before coming into the light and embracing the digital age of image creation.  After a brief stint of soul searching and a hasty move to Los Angeles to work in the film industry on commercials and a feature films I decided to move back to Colorado and start a small footprint production company that could deliver high production value imagery without all the burdens of typical production crews. My favorite subjects move fast and demand an intuitive, journalistic approach. My small production team thrives in the most challenging environments and difficult to reach locations.

I am and FAA remote pilot certificate holder and do a lot of work with sUAS these days shoot locations near and far from my home in Colorado. I embrace all forms of image creation but seen to lean towards short form narrative storytelling and commercial work.   Currently working with RED dragon, Nikon D5,  Sony A7sII, DJI Inspire 2 / x5s with Kessler second shooter, DJI Ronin, Gitzo and Sachtler support.

My Specialization

Still Photography
Aerial Photography
Location Scouting